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Orchard Canyon at Oak Creek – Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Arizona
The red rocks of Sedona

It was our anniversary therefore it was time for a trip to Sedona to spoil ourselves with a cabin in the woods and a four course dinner. Orchard Canyon at Oak Creek provided exactly that.


Orchard Canyon at Oak Creek is a lovely, romantic lodge nestled in Oak Creek Canyon north of Sedona and provides cabins for rent and a fantastic “farm-to-table” restaurant which includes afternoon tea, before dinner drinks, a four course meal, and breakfast included in your cabin rental price. This allows you to stay in your cabin, explore the surrounding trails, and have your meals without having to leave the area and fight the Sedona traffic. YAY!


There are over 10 cabins which are scattered through the property and they all look private. There is also a 2,500 sq ft house to rent called the Orchard House. We rented cabin 8 and loved it.


The other cabins looked quaint and charming also with some of them located up the hill by the garden.


Orchard Canyon includes an office, a restaurant, a large outdoor area with firepit and picnic tables, and the fabulous orchard and garden where fresh food is grown and prepared and served at your meals. They also sell some of their farm fresh food. It was fabulous.


The cabins have wood burning fireplaces with all the firewood you could possibly want. We enjoyed afternoon tea in the lodge where they served a variety of teas along with cheddar bites and some other delightful tasting treat.  During tea we watched a photo shoot session of the chef in front of the fireplace in preparation for a magazine article soon to be published.


We followed the afternoon tea with champagne in our cabin along with a fire in the fireplace. It was a bit of a chilly overcast day so the fire helped warm us and the bubbly may have helped also.


We then headed back to the lodge for a before-dinner drink of plums and hibiscus, both grown in the orchard, with some vodka, a Plumbiscus Drop.  Dinner was served at 7pm and all guests were served at the same time. Executive Chef Michael Hawkins prepared a set menu for all the guests to enjoy.  It took us back to our life in Europe.  The four course dinner turned into a five course dinner (they added a lamb lollipop somewhere in the middle) served with a wine flight, yes 5 fabulous glasses of wine, from the Cochise County winery Pillsbury Wine. We were lucky enough to have the owner, Sam Pillsbury, at the table next to us and he made the rounds between courses to discuss the wines. The meal and wines were lovely, tasty, and quite decadent. We had a wonderful time and even though the cabin and meals (alcohol was an additional fee) were quite pricey (around $600 for one night) we would highly recommend this lodge. The rates are seasonal therefore there are times when the price is very reasonable.


And, of course, you can’t go wrong with hiking in the area. We choose some trails around Thunder Mountain that we had not hiked before. It was a lovely autumn day which turned out to be perfect for hiking.


No trip to Sedona is complete without a bit of shopping so we decided to stop by Son Silver West on our way out of town.

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