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2018 – Autumn in Arizona

Cave Creek Arizona
Autumn in Cave Creek

We returned from our summer trip and got nicely settled in back at home. It’s was time to prepare our big rig and tow vehicle to sell and then busy ourselves with figuring out what to purchase for a new tow vehicle. THEN what to buy for a new smaller rig to get us more places easily!  During all this work we managed to find some time to get out and about (with the help of a few house guests here and there) besides continually going to every RV show in town!

Cave Creek, Arizona
Firestick in Autumn – AKA Sticks on Fire

Enchanted Pumpkin Garden – Carefree, Arizona

This is the fourth year for this fun, whimsical pumpkin festival which is held in the quaint village of Carefree.  There are a number of scenes showing pumpkins in various settings doing all kinds of activities.  The pumpkins are all sculptured/carved by Ray Villafane and his team. Not only is it original and creative, it is lots of fun!


Wild West Days – Cave Creek, Arizona

This is an annual event held in Cave Creek every fall and provides a host of activities over the weekend and is considered one of Arizona’s largest western celebrations.

One of the first events is the 100 Horse Ride with horses lining the street in a parade where they continue on up to Brenner’s Hill.  It is a great sight to see.


One of our favorite events is the mounted shooting held at Outlaw’s Arena where the riders use black powder blanks in real guns to shoot at a series of balloons while riding their horse around a course.


Another event is mutton busting held at Buffalo Chip Saloon. You can’t go wrong for fun watching mutton busting.


And, another activity which is held not only during Wild West Days but throughout the year is the shootouts at Frontier Town put on by Six Gun Entertainment.  It is always fun to see a western shootout (as long as it isn’t real – thank you Tombstone).


There are many more events ranging from bull riding, dancing, bike races, plays, kids games, pancake breakfasts, pig races, team roping, and the list goes on and on. A fun event if you like the ole Wild West!

Spur Cross Ranch – Hiking

We love to hike and Spur Cross is one of our favorites places. Not only is it close to home it is offers spectacular scenery, a variety of trails, and if you hit it just right (not on weekends) then no one else is around.


A fun autumn but it is time to get to work and get our vehicles sold and new ones purchased!



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