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Buying a Class C – LaMesa RV – Mesa, Arizona

Well, we went and did it again! We bought a Class C, a 2019 Winnebago View 24D (on a 2018 Sprinter Chassis)!  We originally had a Class B and then moved to a Class A and after 11 years of RVing we decided to go for a Class C.  Maybe a Fifth Wheel or Bumper Pull is next???

For our upgrades and mods to this rig click here.

For our initial thoughts on this rig click here.

Those Young Guys - Class C Purchase
We bought a Class C!


We had been discussing downsizing from our Class A for a number of years to allow us access to more campsites at various state and national parks and also to drive further and spend less on fuel. BUT we loved our Class A and as much of a pain as it was to drive down some narrow country roads or in busy cities or to pay for the diesel at the fuel pumps we LOVED the space and luxury once we were parked and set up.

We knew we probably wanted something in the range of a 25′ to 32′ motorhome and it definitely had to be diesel.  AND we knew we did not want a Ford E-series chassis due to the lack of leg space on the passenger seat when driving down the road. That basically left only a few choices, either a Sprinter based motorhome, a Dynamax Isata 5 30FW 4WD (approx. 32′), or an Allegro Breeze 32BR.  A new Allegro Breeze is quite expensive and it is difficult to find a used one with a Cummins as opposed to a MaxxForce (a definite no-no in my husbands book).  Isata 5’s are difficult to find without ordering one from the factory, which WAS a consideration for us. But apparently the 3-4 month quote that the factory reps give you is just a guess. We were hearing more like 8-12 months until delivery and we certainly did not want to wait that long. The Lazy Days National Sale Rep was certainly trying her hardest to get us in one in a short time frame but it did not work out. The fact that it was middle of winter and some of the potential rigs were to be delivered to an area where they would be in a few feet of ice and snow did not help much either.

We had been looking at various wide body Sprinter 3500 motorhomes over the years and continued to hit the RV shows many times a year to check them out. Our biggest concern was the Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) of those motorhomes.  The CCC, of course, varies by manufacturer and is also affected by the various options installed on the motorhome.  You really need to check each individual rig to confirm the CCC. We saw some of them down to under 500lbs with empty holding tanks and just a small bit of fresh water in the tank. They doesn’t leave much room for 2 adults and some dishes! Yikes. Forget the BBQ and clothes!

We also found out that the majority of Sprinter 3500 wide body motorhomes were quite similar in layout. Either a corner bed (nope, not for us  – usually a full size mattress with part of the mattress cut off near where your feet would go), a twin bed configuration (not interested), a rear slide or side slide with a queen mattress which folded in half when stowed), or a Murphy bed. We really did not want a Murphy bed as we wanted to have the option of a bed and a sitting area at the same time not one or the other.  This would allow for one person to be up and the other person to sleep if so desired.  This really only left one option for us and that was a rear slide or a side slide. Those options usually come with either a dinette or theater seats in addition to the bed.  The theater seats are awfully attractive for those rainy days when you are stuck inside but make it difficult to eat a meal. I love to cook and meal times are special for us. Yes, we eat outside but we don’t want that to be our only option.

We just could not come to a consensus. We had seen the View 24D last year at a show and as soon as we walked into the rig we walked back out. We were hoping to find a floorplan with a bed we could “keep” as a bed while we were parked but the 24D appeared to us as a non-option. Then this year after we scoured every RV dealer in the Phoenix/Tucson area and online throughout the country we decided to hit LaMesa RV one last time. Our next plan was to get in our car and drive to Van City in Las Vegas (to check our their Leisure Travel Vans), then Van City in Colorado Springs (they had a Leisure Travel Van Island Bed available that we had our eye on), and then MHSRV in Alvarado, Texas (Dynamax Isata 3 or 5 should someone have backed out of a deal).  We owned a Leisure Travel Van before and loved it. They are high quality but expensive and hard to find in stock.  We figured between those 3 dealers we could find something!! If not, then maybe Lazy Days in Tampa.

We knew that LaMesa had a 24D in stock and thought we should check it out again before driving across the country in search of the perfect rig.  We did and we loved it. We knew when we walked into it that it was the one for us. It has a unique floorplan and gave us the option we had been looking for, a dinette and a bed (couch/Murphy bed). You CAN leave the bed down while parked all day but it will make it a bit difficult if trying to cook up a big meal. Funny how we had poo poo’ed it last year and then this year we said “This is the one”. So we bought it!

The CCC for this rig is 1077 lbs and a full tank of water is approximately 249 lbs but we never drive with a full tank of water. This will allow BOTH of us to travel together (wink, wink….).

A few days later we picked it up and drove away. It fits in the garage with space to spare since before it was occupied by a 40′ rig! And there is PLENTY of room to keep the slide opened!


Now comes all the work. The rig comes with 200 watts of solar power and is pre-wired for satellite. My husband is busy adding more solar and a satellite dish/receiver/recorder along with about 20 other mods to customize the rig to be our perfect home. I am busy downsizing and selecting the most important items to move from a Class A to a Class C. (And yes the Class A is sold).  We certainly were spoiled with so much space in a Class A but we have traveled long distances for long period of times on a motorcycle, a backpack on a train, and a Class B motorhome so we know we can do without. It’s all about priorities, the journey, and who you are with.


And a special “Thanks” to our great sales person, Michael Kale, at LaMesa RV!  If you are in the market for a new RV be sure to look him up!

NOW – Time to celebrate and plan a few shakedown trips! Stay tuned!

Winnebago View 24D
Cheers from the dinette in our new motorhome!


  1. Congratulations!! The new rig is great. Having the smaller unit will make so many new places possible. Good you found what you wanted before you had to drive any further. I can see us making this decision one day. We did luck out in that our RV carport is the largest on the street and wide enough for us to park and put out all our slides. So we don’t have a need yet. We are still feeling our way around with when we will stay here in Boulder City and when we might want to travel. I still feel so up in the air with two homes. Please let us know if you get our way. Enjoy your new second home!!

    1. Thanks Pamela. Yes, we are quite excited! We will DEFINITELY look you up when we pass through you area…as long as we can get through all this snow. Unbelievable.

    1. Thank you!! And, the best news is, we named it after you guys. The official name of the rig is….drum roll please….Sebon! Sebon is the new Wally!

  2. That’s funny about you’re comment about originally walking into the 24D and turning around and walking out was out was exactly how we felt!!! Now a year later we love the floor plan, go figure! Having a sofa and a dinette in only about 25 feet…how great is that! And today, having excellent fuel economy in the Sprinter diesel is so important. Now that we will both be retired at the end of this month we are waiting for the new 2020, 24D!
    Keep up the good work with your great information!

  3. Great article. We have gone the same direction as you. Need a small enough rig to not need a tow and get into any campground without length restrictions.. decision same as you. Hope you’re still traveling and happy with your choice.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thanks!! We agree, a small rig certainly makes things easier and more free. We are still traveling but since we wrote that article we have purchased a different Class C. You can read all about our purchase and our rationale here….
      There is no perfect RV and your lifestyle changes over time as well as your travel style. Of course, we went from a Class C to a Class C so not a big change but still enough to make a difference to us. Enjoy your travels and your vehicle!!!!

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