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Marine Atlantic Ferry – Argentia, Newfoundland

Time to leave Newfoundland….sob, sob, sob…… We drove to Argentia in the Avalon Peninsula to take the overnight ferry (16.5 hours) back to North Sydney in Nova Scotia.

Marine Atlantic Newfoundland
Ferry from Argentia to North Sydney

We arrived in plenty of time to check in and waited to board.

We soon boarded and made our way to our room (10th floor) to drop off our luggage.

We then went out on deck to enjoy the fabulous weather and calm seas. As we departed and got out to the deeper water there were spouts of water from the whales and a few fins from the minke whales.

Then it was time for some fine dining. Off we went to enjoy a lovely meal with an ocean view. We saw quite a few spouts of water from whales as we sat and dined as they jumped in and out of the water. I kept saying, “Oh look, a whale, oh look over there, oh oh…over there another whale”.

It was an absolutely beautiful evening, fantastic weather, and extremely calm seas. The crossing could not have been any better.

We had a perfect night sleeping with such calm seas, got up and had a great breakfast, and soon we arrived at port in North Sydney in Nova Scotia. It was a beautiful morning.

What a perfect crossing. We had read so much about how turbulent the crossing can be but we lucked out in both directions. Perfect!


  1. I just reviewed your tour of Newfoundland and found it very informative and detailed. We were scheduled to go there in June of 2020 but Covid closed Canada. I wanted to go a little earlier to try to catch the icebergs. It was so nice to get a preview of all the things we hope to see. We like to fly by the seat of our pants with no reservations with the exception of ferries or major attractions. We went to Nova Scotia in 2016, focused on Cape Breton including Meat Cove(got the tee shirt). We don’t do as much documentation, just a picture book at the end. Keep up the good work. Tim

    1. Ohhh…I am so jealous. That’s what I really wanted to see was lots of icebergs. We did see them from a distance but most of them were too far out for boats to get to in a reasonable amount of time and sometimes we were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. We did see small ones close to shore. I love Newfoundland. It is one of my favorite places. Yes, for the ferry ensure you have reservations and also in any great campground you have your heart set on staying at. Otherwise, yes, just wing it. We found that June was no problem getting campsites but July and August can be quite full (just like here). Of course, that was pre-Covid. A picture book is still great and provides lots of memories!!

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