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Caribou Munroes Provincial Park – Pictou, Nova Scotia

We arrived into North Sydney, Nova Scotia from the overnight Newfoundland ferry and drove through Cape Breton to Caribou Munroes near Pictou, Nova Scotia. We passed, again, all the great signs that Nova Scotia has which are all different and unique.

Nova Scotia Signs
Welcome to Nova Scotia!


We drove through Pictou and past the ferry to PEI and on to Caribou Munroes Provincial Park.


Campground: Caribou Munroes Provincial Park
Location: Pictou, Nova Scotia
Site: 10 (back-in)
Cost: #35.60 (CAD)
Services: E (30 AMP)
Comments: A beautiful campground and a perfect site with great views out to the sea and Pictou Island. We were minutes from the beach where we could walk for a few kilometers on the spit to and around Munroes Island. We didn’t stay long enough at this campground.


The loop we stayed in is wide open with sweeping ocean views and lots of open grass areas. It was beautiful.


There are steps from the campground area leading down to the beach where we walked the spit to Munroes Island and back. We walked about 3km in each direction.


As we got to the tip of the island we could watch the ferry traffic between Pictou and Prince Edward Island (PEI). We sat and enjoyed watching the crossings from the beach.


One day we drove to Truro, about an hour drive, to a suburb named Debert that was a Canadian Forces Station (CFS) to tour the bunker and the military museum. Debert CFS was an airfield and army training center and was also used during the Cold War as a communications facility. It had a bunker (AKA Diefenbunker – named after Prime Minister Diefenfunker who commissioned them) to house regional emergency government headquarters in times of crises.


We stopped at Masstown Market for lunch (fish and chips). The market is known for its grocery store, fish market, produce, eating area, and souvenir shop.


We spent some time touring around the small quaint town of Pictou and having dinner with our niece and nephew. A beautiful place and only about 10 minutes from the campground.

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