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Moochdocking – Bashaw, Alberta

We are back in Bashaw!  We come here almost every summer to enjoy our family and friends, the prairie life, good fresh farm food, and a yearly family camp-out. Plus we get to moochdock off various family members!!


Our site sits in the beautiful prairies of Alberta surrounded by fields, gardens, flowers, and fabulous scenery.


The town of Bashaw and the surrounding area offers some great farm life scenery including grain elevators, lots of sloughs full of birds, flower gardens, and farmers fields with crops and/or cattle.  It is such a beautiful place with open spaces and lots of color!


When ran into town one day to the grocery store and lo and behold the main street was closed off because Gord Bamford was there shooting a music video called “#Redneck”. We decided to stay and check out the fun! The video is now released and it was alot of fun to watch it being filmed.


It is becoming a yearly event for us, attending farm sales!


I finally got to go to “The Alice”! The Alice is a hotel/bar/restaurant in Camrose that I have heard talk about for many, many years. We went out to dinner one night with friends and they recommended eating there. We had a great time with them and it was fun to see where they met and take a stroll down memory lane. It was during the Big Valley Jamboree (BVJ) held in Camrose each year but everyone was already parked and in place for the jamboree so the town was nice and peaceful!

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