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Lake Bend Hall – Bashaw, Alberta

It’s that time of year again! Time for our annual family get together. Last year we held it at Lake Bend Hall and this year we are doing the same. It is not only a great location but it also has a nice indoor facility for preparing and serving food just in case it is too rainy, too hot, too cold, or too buggy, take your pick!


Campground: Lake Bend Hall
Location: Central Alberta
Site: NA
Cost: Shared among the group
Services: dry camping
Comments: Nothing could be finer than spending a few days with friends and family!


The hall sits in the countryside surrounded by farms and fields and could not be a more beautiful setting! There are a few gophers around and a few cattle but they leave us alone!


One of our favorite mornings is the “palt” morning. We are lucky enough to get served a breakfast every morning and one of them is a Swedish tradition of palt. One of our family members was in town at work so we took him a plate of food. Ahhh……


We were also fortunate to have a tour of a local robotic milking dairy! Wow, it has been a few years since I last toured a dairy and it was in Austria and I thought, at the time, it was pretty modern. But nothing compares to what we saw. It was a terrific tour and a great learning experience.  It makes me want to be a dairy farmer!


And, as usual, 4 days go by in a snap and the next thing you know it is time to pack up and head to another relative’s farm. We had a fantastic time, saw lots and lots of relatives, ate too much, drank too much, laughed too much, and had way too much fun!! Now we head off for more moochdocking!!

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