Subi & The 5

Moochdocking – Edberg, Alberta

We headed on up to our next moochdocking location and the gravel road was in the process of being redone!  Luckily, at this point, we were driving our car, not the RV, so we managed to make it into the yard. But on the way out, as the wind was blowing quite hard, we accidentally drove over a bucket which had blown under our vehicle. Oh well….


Our site was out by the grain bins which gave us peace and quiet and some distance from the gravel road (which by this time was all fixed up and completed).


It is so great to be staying on a farm and get to see all the great flowers and fields AND get some help with any needed work on our rig!! Thank you!


As usual, we were given a lovely location, great company, fantastic food and wine, and an overall wonderful time.

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