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Denali National Park – Riley Campground – Alaska

What can you say about this, it’s Denali! Beautiful scenery and wildlife. The campground is one of many but it is the main one near the entrance of the park. Don’t plan on just driving up and getting a site (although you may be lucky). Reservations certainly help and even then it is difficult. But the bus tour through the park is fabulous if you are lucky enough to get on an uncrowded bus (as we were). Try a tour in the early morning or late evening so you have a better chance of wildlife viewing.

Campground: Riley Campground
Location: Denali National Park – Alaska
Site: B119
Cost: $22
Services: Dry camp
Comments:  The campground is flat, treed, and sites evenly spaced. But it is full. The general store and laundry area are packed with people who are power-hungry and I don’t mean in the corporate sense. Every outlet you see will have a phone or laptop plugged in. Every washer/dryer will be taken and a line of 8-10 people waiting to get one. Crowded.
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

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