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Alaska Boondocking

Denali Highway! My favorite highway in the world. It runs from Cantwell on the Parks Highway all the way to Paxson on the Richardson Highway. The highway is rarely used today and is gravel and not maintained. It can have extreme washboarding and lots of dust. Take it slow and easy.  There are boondocking spots all along the highway so just enjoy the scenery and stop and camp for the night. We boondocked near Rock Creek. If you are lucky you may see the Nelchina caribou migration during fall or winter. Tremendous hiking abounds. If you love nature and solitude you will love this place.

Campground: Boondocking
Location: Denali Highway west of Paxson
Site: Along the river
Cost: $0
Services: None
Comments: Denali Highway is the most beautiful road you can drive.
Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”

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