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Trans Alaska Pipeline – Richardson Highway – Alaska

Trans Alaska Pipeline, TAPS (Trans-Alaska Pipeline System), Alaska Pipeline, Alyeska Pipeline, or just The Pipeline, whatever you call it and no matter your thoughts on the subject, it is still great to see in person.  Grab a copy of the Alaska Milepost and check out all the places where you can see the pipeline either while your driving or places you can stop and check it out up close and personal.

Mile markers can get confusing. First you have the mile markers from the Alaska Milepost which are in miles or kilometers and refer to which direction you are going on a particular highway. Then you have the actual pipeline mile posts referring to the length of the pipeline starting in Prudhoe Bay (mile 0) following 800 miles to Valdez. When someone gives you a mile marker you need clarification on which system they are using.

We stopped in two different spots along the Richardson Highway, at V216 and V243.5 ( per the Alaska Milepost book). Both had interpretive signs and plenty of places to park big rigs and plenty of moose traveling back and forth for great photos of both the pipeline and the wildlife! A great sight!

You can also view it for miles and miles and miles as it parallels the Richardson Highway so you have plenty of opportunities to see the beast!

Link to Map in “Where We’ve Been”



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