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The Springs at Borrego Springs – California

RV Park: The Springs At Borrego RV Park
Location: Borrego Springs, California
Site: 303
Cost: $73.33
Services: FHU
Comments: A lovely RV park right in the heart of the desert with beautiful views, a golf course, a pool, massage therapists, lemon trees, hummingbirds, what more could you ask for?
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Those Young Guys

The Springs has a lovely golf course so if you are golfer then this is a great place to spend the days golfing away. And even if you don’t play golf it still provides some beautiful scenery.

The Springs has been adding on more and more sites the past few years so we can’t help but take our bikes and drive around and explore what’s new.

Being a water baby I love to swim, any kind of water, anywhere, and I am there. The Springs has a very nice swimming pool with lovely views along with a number of small jacuzzis.

And if you don’t want to spend the bucks on a place like this the RV park does offer some dry camping spots at the front of the resort by the car/RV wash area. It is basically a parking lot but they have done a fine job of marking off the spots AND you get some terrific views.

The Springs RV Resort Borrego Springs California
Dry camp site 1

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