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Anza Borrego State Park – Alcoholic Pass And Ant Hill Hikes

We love hiking around Anza Borrego State Park. We have been to this area countless times before and feel like we have taken lots of hikes but there are always MORE to hike! I don’t think we will even finish exploring this area. What a wonderful feeling!

Alcoholic Pass

One day we just felt like climbing up and we wanted to hike something close to town so we decided to take on Alcoholic Pass.  We have hiked this trail before and quite enjoyed it.  It provides a short (1 mile) climb straight up to a wonderful pass where we sit and have our lunch and admire the scenery.  There’s a book there to sign which we have signed before but we decided to sign again!  Before long it is time to head back down the steep slope and head home. Another great hike!

Ant Hill

We love going to Fonts Point and viewing the surrounding badlands. But better than that is going on hikes that allow for a great view looking over to Fonts Point. We have hiked San Felipe wash previously up to the foot of Fonts Point but this time we decided to hike to Ant Hill. And are we glad we did. A beautiful view. I want to build a house and live forever on Ant Hill. Do you think the state park will let me?

To get to Ant Hill you need a 4WD, preferably, as you need to drive to Old Springs Rd just east of Borrego Springs and head over beyond the east side of the dump (sounds lovely doesn’t it – but don’t give up). From there you head east on a wash (with a few turns) for a few miles.

After a few washes you eventually reach a fence for the state park boundary. Time to park the car and start hiking up a few sand hills. Four of them as a matter of fact. Over hill and over dale, four times and eventually you end up on Ant Hill. Voila!

You have an outstanding 360 degree vista of Borrego Valley, Clark Dry Lake/Peg Leg, Fonts Point , The Badlands, Salton Sea, San Felipe Wash, and of course, even Mexico.

And there is the usual visitor book hidden away all safe and sound in a can. Of course we signed it!

We sat up there atop Ant Hill for quite awhile admiring the views, eating our lunch, and enjoying the peace and solitude.

From then it was a quick hike back to the car, over hill and over dale and back to civilization before the sun sets.


  1. I’ve never heard of Ant Hill. I looked in my hiking book and it isn’t there. So glad you shared!!

    We are very excited to be returning on the 15th!!

    Love that photo of Norm:)

    1. Thanks. Ant Hill has now become my favorite place in the area. We use books by Robin Halford of day hikes in Anza Borrego. She has at least two volumes which are available in most of the local book stores (and visitor center) in the area. Happy New Year!

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