Borrego Springs California Clark Dry Lake

That’s the Oasis – the clump of trees

This is one of our favorite hikes while boondocking in the Clark Dry Lake area. It is an easy, almost flat, hike of about 8 miles roundtrip across Clark Dry Lake and over to the far side near the base of the mountains at a beautiful oasis (also known as Clark Well). We have hiked to the oasis several times before and always on a sunny day. This meant before when we were only halfway across the dry lake we were hot and tired and desperately seeking shade and drinking water by the gallons! This time it was overcast which made for perfect hiking conditions. We hiked over to the oasis in record time and weren’t even breaking a sweat!!


Upon arrival we realized we were not the only ones there which is a rare occurrence. Lo and behold, California Overland, was there setting up for a BBQ, dinner by candlelight, desert by the fire, and toilet in the sand dunes event. It sure was a sweet setup. Only thing better would be a jeep/helicopter excursion to Ant Hill just before sunset with champagne, blinis, chilled vodka, and caviar. A new business perhaps?


Looks like a great setup and has the potential for a great evening!  Anyway, we headed on back to arrive home as the sun was preparing to set!