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Adios Borrego

Borrego Springs California

You know the old saying, “The more you learn, the less you know”.  We feel almost the same way with Anza Borrego State Park, “The more we explore, the less we know.”  We continue to find new and interesting places. This is maybe our 5th of 6th trip here and we explore during each trip until we are ready to drop and we still have places we haven’t gone.

Our time is drawing to a close in the Borrego Springs area, almost a month here exploring the back country and there is still so much we want to do! I guess it just means we have to come back again.

Adios Borrego! We love you!!


Adios Borrego

Adios Borrego, it’s time to go,
Where the time went we will never know.
We have hiked the washes and roamed the roads,
Been in the slots and driven all nodes.

We’ve seen the statues and looked at the stars,
Even seen the snow while looking at Mars.
The full moon in the desert shines ever so bright,
You can see everything in all that light.

Seen a few borregos and had a bit of tequila,
Even met Malimish and yes, even Mila.
Have we seen it all we think not,
But as for now it’s all we got.

Adios Borrego its time to go!
But with all the good times we want you to know,
The park is great and we love the town,
So it’s with great sadness and a big frown,

That we are leaving the area soon to be gone,
Packed up our things but it won’t be long,
Before we’re back again and roaming around,
Looking for new adventures all to be found!

The silence we’ll miss and even the cold,
The howling of coyotes be they ever so bold!
The bright sunny days with deep blue skies,
Leaves small tears in our watery eyes!

So we are sad to go yet happy to leave,
The next adventure is coming or so we believe.
We know we’ll be back as soon as we can,
You can be sure of that as it’s in our plan!

Adios Borrego you are in our heart.

With sadness and tears it’s time to part.

Adios Borrego!

-Lisa Kyle Young

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