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La Posa North BLM – Quartzsite, Arizona

Alfa Roadrunners - LaPosa North BLM
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Time for the Annual Big Top RV Show in Quartzsite. We left Mittry Lake two days before the show began and made the crazy pilgrimage to Quartzsite. And the line of motorhomes goes on forever and ever…..

Traffic was moving but there was a string of motorhomes all headed north on Hwy 95 to Quartzsite. We needed to do a DNF (Dump And Fill), not absolutely necessary, but nice in case we don’t get another chance for quite awhile. We stopped at La Posa South to purchase our LTVA short term permit and do the DNF. No problem, very short lines, didn’t take long at all. The people behind us in line said they waited close to an hour last year in line. We waited maybe 5 minutes and we had fun people to talk to while waiting.

We were a bit worried that La Posa North, due to its close proximity to the Big Top, to Tyson Wells market, and to town might be congested, crowded, and loud. And we were completely flabbergasted to find out otherwise. We were far from the maddening crowd, all alone with peace and solitude yet very easy to get to the show. We could just drive over towards Hwy 95 within the BLM, park within the BLM, and cross the street and we were at the show. Doesn’t get much easier than that!!

Campground: La Posa North BLM
Location: Quartzsite, AZ
Site: At the “Alfa” Rocks location
Cost: BLM 14 day permit – $40
Services: Dry camp
Comments: A great dry camping area far from the maddening crowd within a very popular BLM area. We loved it!

At La Posa North BLM we joined up with a motorhome group called Alfa Roadrunners. The President and Treasurer are Dale and Susan Prichard, respectively from DaGirlsRV, and we had met them previously in Borrego Springs. They are a wonderful couple who are fun, engaging, and a joy to be around. We were joined by 8 or 9 other rigs and it turned out to be a great group as we all got along well and enjoyed our time together. Lots of laughs, lots of campfires, and lots of fun!

One of the great things about La Posa North, besides the great people, was the site that the group had selected. It is a site a few miles off the main road that the group has been using for years. They have even initiated the site by rocks spelling “Alfa”.

Alfa Roadrunners LaPosa North BLM

All in all we absolutely loved this place and had a great time. Not only was the site a fabulous site with great views and great sunsets but we made some wonderful new friends!

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