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Quartzsite, AZ – Out and About

The Big Tent RV Show

The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show, known as “The Largest Gathering of RVers in the world”, is held every January and attracts lots and lots of people and RVs to attend this special show. I think the real reason everyone shows up is more for the atmosphere, the meeting of friends, and the social events rather than the shopping but shopping is always good. It is one big gathering but handled very smoothly by the town. Yes, there can be some traffic jams here and there and some long lines BUT nothing like the bit cities. A fun event to attend and meet up with others with similar interests. You have to attend at least once if you are an RVer since it is an “RV Rite of Passage”! Go and enjoy!!


4WD’ing around Quartzsite

One day a group of us went for a small caravan tour on some jeep roads around and about the BLMs in the Quartzsite area. Luckily we had the “Howland Police” to lead our way.


Four vehicles headed out full of people and dogs to tour the area with the first stop being the two stone cabins of Joseph Cone who was a 1971 veteran, a local artist, and the man known to wear skirts in the summer. Anyway, the smaller cabin was the one he lived in and the larger one was his workshop. He lived there until his death at 75 and is now buried in the town cemetery (Hi Jolly Cemetery). We stopped and walked around, saw the nice vista of Dome Rock BLM, and posed for a few group photos.


From there we headed cross country to the morteros and petrographs along Tyson Wash. A few roads here and a few roads there, up and down, and soon we arrived and toured around the area.


A fun, dusty day with some great roads to tool around on along with some great company. Thanks Steve!

Flying – Quartzsite Town – QPR RC Airport

Quartzsite has a nice RC Airport by the Town Park where you can bring your remote controlled airplane at and do a few spins around the airfield. It has a nice paved runway with a few gates and some tables set out to work on your aircraft. It can get very crowded on still mornings but some days no problem.

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