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Buffalo, Wyoming – Out and About

Historic Downtown Buffalo

Buffalo is a small charming town with a lovely historic downtown area. We fell a bit in love with Buffalo and really enjoyed our time there. I guess you could say we left our hearts in Buffalo.

Buffalo sits in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains and is full of beautiful scenery and wonderful recreational activities. It is located near the intersection of I-25 and I-90 and has a population of almost 5,000 people. That makes the town just about perfect.


Historic Downtown Buffalo

Downtown Buffalo is full of character with the most famous landmark being The Occidental Hotel which is from the 1880’s complete with bullet holes and lots of history.  You can stroll through the lobby and see lots of photographs of Buffalo in the olden days.



The long running TV Series titled “Longmire” was based on the novels by Craig Johnson who based his character’s location on Buffalo and Johnson County but calls them Durant and Absaroka County in the TV show and books. Mr. Johnson owns the Campaign Headquarters store in town which sells Longmire souvenirs along with other western gear. His wife and him and their 2 dogs are lovely people and worth a stop in the store for a chat. We love the “Longmire” series.


Bud Love Habitat Management Area

This area is near the Bighorn National Forest and is designed to be a winter range for big game species such as elk and mule deer.  Elk migrate from the Bighorn Mountains in the winter and head down the slopes looking for food. This area provides snow free slopes and plenty of forage for almost 500 elk. The area is also used for hunting and fishing and wildlife viewing.


Crazy Woman Canyon Rd

This road is a scenic loop just outside of Buffalo. It is a single lane dirt/gravel rough road which takes you down into a canyon along the river with beautiful rock scenery. There is a waterfall along the way and a number of beautiful dispersed camping sites.

We headed west on Highway 16 from Buffalo towards the turnoff to Crazy Woman Canyon Rd which was about 25 miles from Buffalo.


We turned onto Crazy Woman Canyon Rd (AKA 33) and heading down into the canyon.


Before long we entered the canyon which has big rocks on both sides of the road and is worth a stop to admire the scenery.


After we exited the canyon we were back in ranch country with cattle and horses.


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