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7th Ranch RV Camp – Garryowen, Montana

Welcome to Montana and Crow Country! The home of the Crow Indian Reservation and the location of the Little Bighorn Battle of June 1876 often referred to as Custer’s Last Stand.


7th Ranch RV Camp is located just off I-90 on Reno Creek Rd. The RV park is just south of the Custer Battlefield and very close to Reno’s advance route.  Yes, you will feel the ghosts and spirits of the battles fought in the area in June 1876 and discover the beauty of the surrounding area.


RV Park: 7th Ranch RV Camp
Location: Garryowen, Montana
Site: A29 (pull thru)
Cost: $42.37 (Includes tax and 10% Good Sam discount)
Services: FHU (50 AMP)
Comments: A lovely RV Park and well maintained with terraced sites offering fabulous views. It is within close proximity to all the Custer and Little Bighorn Battlefield tourist sites.


The RV Park has multiple rows of sites, some with full hookups and some with dry camping.  The sites at the top of the hill offer the best views of the surrounding battlefields. Even though the park is close to I-90 there was minimal noise. It was stinking hot when we were there so we made full use of our A/C. Reservations are a must for summer for sites with hookups. The dry camping area was empty. When I say hot, it was hot…and humid. Most people were there for overnighters or just a few nights, i.e., there was a lot of coming and going.


The park has nice wide roads for ease of access with a big rig, a pretty common area, and a fun park host named Neil (watch out – he is a prankster).


There is a small hill above the RV park with a trail which is a perfect setting for watching the sunset. It offers commanding views of the surrounding area and battlefield.


The park had lots of flowers planted around the area, lots of birdhouses posted on the fence, and if you are lucky, rainbows! We searched and searched for a pot of gold but we didn’t find any!!!

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