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Drumheller, Alberta – Out and About

Hoodoos Trail

A hoodoo is a weather rock pinnacle and the Drumheller area has lots of them. There is an area east of town called Hoodoos Trail which is an icon of the Alberta Badlands. It is a very touristy area so beware but there are a variety of short trails in the area plus a trail which leads to the top of the hills with views that go on forever.


Last Chance Saloon

About 10 miles south of town via the 11 Bridges is the small town of Wayne where you will find the Last Chance Saloon which was established in 1913. It’s a great place to kick back for the afternoon in their outside patio and have a few beers and/or lunch.


Canadian Badlands Passion Play

We were lucky enough to get front row tickets to the final performance of the Passion Play for 2018. The outdoor theater is Canada’s largest at 6 acres and is a spectacular backdrop amongst the Badlands for this kind of performance. We loved it!


Royal Tyrrell Museum

And no visit to Drumheller is complete without a stop at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, one of our favorites.


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