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Rancho Sedona RV Park – Sedona, Arizona

Disclaimer: We did not stay at this RV Park.

Ranch Sedona RV Park Sedona Arizona
Entrance at Ranch Sedona RV Park in Sedona

We have stayed many times in the Sedona area previously and had always assumed this RV park may be difficult for a big rig to get in and out of so on this trip we decided to do a drive thru and confirm our assumption. We were wrong.

Ranch Sedona RV Park Sedona Arizona
Entrance – nice and flat and straight. Overflow parking is down towards the left. The Hilltop site is the first RV on the right and the buildings in the background are on the main drag in Sedona.

Rancho Sedona RV Park is located along the east side of Oak Creek and the town of Sedona is on the directly across the creek on the west side. There is no way to cross the creek to get to town quickly on foot but it is only about 1 mile by road.

The RV park has over 80 large, level, full hookup sites nestled in the trees along the creek. The sites vary in price from the low $50s to the low $80s and are mostly back-ins but they do offer some pull-thrus.. The park does offer a Good Sam discount. There are a few sites for smaller rigs and a section for monthly rental sites.  The RV park is open year round.

Below are some photos of the lesser expensive sites.


Here’s some photos of the most expensive sites.


This RV Park does get some negative reviews due to all the rules but it is probably because they are in a busy tourist town and have a bit of everybody and everything appear here.  They do offer an overflow area in case you arrive too early (remember they have strict rules) which allows you to park you big rig and avoid the insanely busy town of Sedona. Thank you!

Ranch Sedona RV Park Sedona Arizona
Overflow parking if you arrive too early


Even though the sites are expensive, the RV Park does allow for easy navigation of a big rig and quick, easy access to the town if that’s what you are looking for. We prefer campgrounds and/or BLM land but if you need to be in town this RV Park would work just fine.


  1. Found your site on rover pass. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I’ve never been to Sedona. Usually spend my winters at a ski resort, but I’m thinking of heading south this winter. This place actually doesn’t look that bad, but I am more of BLM kind of guy and like to write about budget travel on my site ( You mentioned BLM in this post. I’ve been doing a lot of research into AZ boondocking, but was wondering if you could shed some insider info on what its like during snowbird season down there. Atmosphere? Supplies? Is one area better than the other? If you were going down for the first time knowing what you know now. Where would you go and why?

    1. Hi Adam,

      Nice to hear from you. Hi back. Wow, lots of questions and too much to answer in one comment. Yes, BLM boondocking is much more peaceful and provides the opportunity to get off on your own. The western part of the US is full of areas where you can get away from the crowds even during snowbird season. Where you go and access to supplies all depends on your camping vehicle, how self contained it is, how long you want to be camped in one location, if you have 4 wheel drive or not, your likes and desires, how far you want to drive, how long you want to stay, what areas you are interested in, and your definition of “better”. There are lots of resources on the web to aid you in where you want to go. On our site you can just type boondocking into the search field and view our locations. You can also use to search for camping spots and see reviews and blog posts to ascertain what locations meet your specific requirements. is another resource. Or just Google “best boondocking spots in Arizona” and see if any of those fits you needs. Have fun!!! PS – It can get down to freezing at night in the southwest US in the winter.

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