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Cape Breton Highlands National Park – Out and About

Wow, what can we say about this place except it is spectacular. We drove as many roads as we could and explored as many places as we could. I took an incredible number of photos but tried to cull it down to a bare minimum. We had perfect weather and a lovely time.

Here’s a recap of Cape Breton Highlands National Park!

We drove the trail multiple times in different directions just due to where we were camping. This means we were back and forth and had ample opporunities to explore the areas.


We drove not only the Cabot Trail but some of the side roads which would take us off the beaten track some. We also went into towns to explore.


We thought some of the most beautiful scenery was the Coastal Trail betweeen South Harbour and Neil’s Harbour via White Point and also the road to Bay St Lawrence and Capstick. We did not drive to Meat Cove.


One of the best things about the trail was that we were usually the only ones on it. That is perfect!


  1. Our best moose sighting was motorcycling along the Cabot Trail and there right on the side of the road was a moose. She stood right there while I posed for a photo right in front of her. She let a few other people take photos, then she wandered away in the woods.

    Enjoy your travels around Newfoundland.

    1. Thanks so much. There are a lot of moose around. We thought Idaho had a lot but Cabot Trail certainly has its share. AND, of course, Newfoundland, has lots too! THanks.

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