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Bry-Mar RV Park & Campground – Brandon, Manitoba

We continued west on Hwy 17 in Norhtern Ontario and then joined Highway 11 before hitting the lovely town of Kenora, Ontario. Kenora is home to Huskie the Muskie, a 40 ft ourdoor sculpture of a fish and also is home to Lake Of the Woods.


Just a bit past Kenora we hit the Manitoba border and started our trek through the province.


Oops! Suddenly we heard a loud noise and pulled over to check it out. Our power cord mount had fallen off (we drove alot of bad roads since the east coast) and knocked the cap off the sewer hose tube. The power cord got run over by the tow vehicle and the sewer hose fell out and was on the highway. We, luckily, had no real damage, and quickly recoverd debris off the highway and rigged a quick fix and we were soonback on the road! Oh my!


Luckily we were only about 10 or 15 minutes from an RV Park so off we went to work on repairs and spend the night.


RV Park: Bry-Mar RV Park
Location: Brandon, Manitoba (6 miles east)
Site: 20 (pull thru)
Cost: $33.07 (CAD)
Services: FHU
Comments: A rather tired RV park with easy access of Trans Canada Highway. The owner/staff was extremely nice and said to just park wherever we wanted, no site assignments, how cool is that? The park worked fine for us and allowed us to get our power cable fixed AND we were within a few miles of an RV parts store in Brandon.

Bry-Mar RV Park Brandon Manitoba
Our site 20 – pull thru

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