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Anza Borrego State Park – Palm Canyon Campground – California

It’s that time of the year. Time to head out to Borrego and get some our fill of fun!


After driving through Borrego Springs we enter the Anza Borrego State Park again and on to Palm Canyon campground where we have stayed numerous times before.


Campground: Anza Borrego State Park – Palm Canyon Campground
Location: Borrego Springs, California
Site: 48
Cost: $33
Services: FHU (now with 50AMP!!!)
Comments:  A great campground close to the town of Borrego Springs with several hikes starting from the campground.


The campground sits right up against the mountains with lots of palm trees and great vistas.


Walk to Visitor Center

The park visitor center is within less than a mile walking distance from the campground on a nicely paved path. We had a bit of cloudy skies and rain that day so it was perfect to head over to the center and see what’s new. We met the resident road runner along the way as he was trying to dry out his or her feathers.


Palm Oasis Hike

There is a 3 mile round trip hike from the campground to the Palm Oasis. It is always a nice hike to take and has changed a bit over the years depending on the washouts and if there are have been or currently are any floods. A welcome change this year was an easier way to hike the final 50 steps or more to the oasis with a very wooded area cleared. Thank you!


Borrego Springs – Around Town

The town hasn’t changed much but seeing as it was December the fruit stands weren’t quite up to having a full array of citrus like they will in a month or 2. The statues are still fun to visit, thank you Ricard Breceda.


New Borrego Springs Library

We have been wanting to see the long awaited new library. We got our chance on a rainy day. It is a bit industrial but still does the job and has great windows with terrific views.


Wilson Trail

Wilson Trail is a 9 mile round trip hike in the western part of Anza Borrego State Park at a higher elevation than Borrego Springs. We have hiked this trail many times and some winters we have seen a bit of snow on the ground. This time we only saw snow in the mountains.


Fonts Point

No trip to Borrego Springs is complete without a visit to Fonts Point. The dirt/sand road to Fonts Point is about 4 miles each way. It is a bit rough in places but we drove it in about 30 minutes each way going slow. It never disappoints.


The bad news is that the boondocking area off Rockhouse Canyon Road (also referred to as Clark Dry Lake camping) is now closed to campers.  This area used to attract hundreds and hundreds of campers every winter and was a fabulous place to camp. No more but thanks for the many memories!!

Until we meet again!

Anza Borrego State Park California
Good Bye Borrego!!

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