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Angel Lake – Wells, Nevada

Angel Lake is four miles up the mountain from our campground Angel Creek. It is a beautiful drive up the mountain with gorgeous views in all directions. The lake sits at an elevation of 8,378 feet which is about 2,000 feet higher than our campground at Angel Creek. Angel Lake is a glacial tarn which is a small mountain lake surrounded by steep slopes and is formed by a glacier melt. There are great views of both Greys Peak (10,674 feet) and Chimney Rock along the drive.

The lake itself is about 13 acres and almost 30 feet deep and it a very popular recreation area with swimming, fishing, and non-motorized boats.

A 26-site campground, Angel Lake Campground, is located by the lake with most sites offering great views of the surrounding mountains. In the summer the campground is always full and reservations are a must. It is a beautiful setting and would be terrific to camp there.

There are a few trails in the area that surround the lake, all with terrific views. There is also a picnic area with picnic tables (in full sun). We chose to picnic along the shore, in the shade of the trees, and admire the scenery.

It is a beautiful lake and a great way to spend the day hiking around and admiring the scenery AND having much cooler weather.


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