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Quartzsite, Arizona – Out and About

The “Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, and RV Show” was going on while we were camping in Quartzsite. Along with the open air flea marks and all the rock, gem, and mineral shows, this place turns into “The Largest Gathering of RVer’s in the World”. At least, that’s what “they” say!! Welcome to Quartzsite!

Quartzsite is located in Arizona about 20 miles east of the California border and is a small little town that swells in size during the winter months with RVers/snowbirds. The area has multiple BLM camping areas, both free 14 day areas plus Long Term Visitors Areas (LTVAs). There are also quite a few RV Parks, restaurants, and shops. There is even an RV Pit which offers a dump station, water fill, and propane fill (all for a fee).

For the Quartzsite RV Show a large tent is erected and both the inside and outside of the tent area are full of about 300 vendors/exhibitors flocking their wares, anything and everything to do with RVing. Outside the tent is also RVs for sale which you can walk through and buy should you desire. And of course, there are lots of food and drink vendors where you can pack on a few extra pounds.

The Tyson Wells area along Kuehn St is also full of vendors in an open air flea market atmosphere. This area is open throughout the winter not just during the RV Show. You can buy just about anything and everything here along with more food and drink items. You aren’t going to starve here. Also, located in that area is the infamous Beer Belly’s outdoor pub which is the location of many a meet-up.

You can find things you didn’t even know you needed! Quite a few manufacturers were selling E-bikes and there was even an outside area with an E-Bike corral where they would allow you to give the bikes a spin to see if you like them. It was quite the attraction and a lot of fun to watch as the old, drunk seniors tried to get on the bikes and pedal them around in a circle. Almost like a Senior version of bumpers cars on E-Bikes. It was quite the entertainment. And, of course, there are lots of rocks, gems, and minerals along with wood carvings.

Not far down the road south of I-10 and to the west of Tyson Wells is some BLM land off Cholla Rd. We took our non 4WD car (but it IS an AWD) out there to look around the Joseph Cone cabins which are some historic cabins which are in ruins now. Joseph Freemont Cone was an artist and a worker of ironwood. He was born in 1892 and lived to 1971 and lived in a cabin in Quartzsite and had his workshop located next to his cabin. Supposedly these buildings were erected in the late 1800s and parts of the walls are still standing today.

Our car managed to make it there with only one dip which we made easily. But we sure miss our 4WD Tracker that we could take anywhere (which we DID).

There are a variety of other sites to see in the area should you be so inclined along with some history including the Hi Jolly Cemetery where you can learn about the camel herder Hadji Ali AKA “Hi Jolly” and learn the significance of camels in the area. There is even a monument there in his honor. Quartzsite also has its own museum which is interesting to tour. You can check some of our other Quartzsite posts for more things to do in the area.

We had a nice time and absolutely perfect weather. It did get down to almost freezing at night and even though we were boondocking we stayed nice and toasty warm. A great trip.

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