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Ocotillo Wells – Salton Sea, California

Our boondocking site at Ocotillo Wells

On the west side of the Salton Sea is a recreation area called Ocotillo Wells. It is a huge area for off-roading and has lots of areas for boondocking.  We have talked about staying in this area many times as we drive past it on our way to Borrego Springs and this time we decided to try it out for a night or two.


The main part of Ocotillo Wells is between Hwy 22 and Hwy 78 and to the west of Hwy 86.  There is also a part north of Hwy 22 which is where we camped.  There are minimal sand dunes in this area and it tends to be less crowded whereby less noise, dust, and dirt.  The best bet is to avoid the area on weekends which is what we did. We had terrific views in every direction.


Some of our friends were staying along the Salton Sea (where we have stayed before) so we spent a bit of time there visiting and enjoying their company.


AND, the area has fantastic views for both sunrise and sunset. Nothing we could do but sit outside and watch the sunset and enjoy some champagne, brie, and crackers! Ahhh….

Ocotillo Wells California

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