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Valley of Fire State Park – Overton, Nevada

We love driving through Nevada. It is one of our favorite areas with long deserted roads and beautiful scenery. What more could you ask for?


We eventually head into Valley of Fire State Park, an area we have visited many, many times and is one of our favorites. We cannot get enough of this place.


Campground: Atlatl Campground
Location: Overton, Nevada (near Lake Mead)
Site: 34 (best site in the campground)
Cost: $30
Services: W/E (50AMP)
Comments: We love this park. We love this site! We love the hiking here! All sites are first come first serve with almost half of the sites dry camping and the other half have services. It gets really hot here in all months but the winter so the serviced sites go first. Almost every time we have come the campground is almost all full or at least the serviced sites are 90% full. Normally, that isn’t a problem when the temps are below 100 degrees but when it is scorching hot we want us a bit of A/C.  Some years we have taken a site and then moved when a better sites becomes available. ALL sites have fabulous views. This trip the campground was almost empty (early September). YAY! We got our favorite site!


I have published lots of pictures of other sites around Atlatl Campground over the year but why not post a few more!


One of the reasons we love this park, besides the great sites and fabulous views, is all the hiking that is available. You can just crawl out of your rig and start hiking and climb all over the rocks.


We fried up some of the Palt (Swedish potato dumpling) we had made earlier on the trip using fresly dug potatoes. They were wonderful.


  1. Sorry we missed you when you were so close. We actually stayed in Boulder City until mid September since we were really enjoying the pool. We could have driven out to see you.

    1. Oh darn. We were checking out where you were and I think? you guys had already left when we were there. Just means you need to bring your bike down to Cave Creek and visit sometime!!!!

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